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We offer a wide selection of spa services in Woodbridge

Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment

Can be tailored to all skin types and is an excellent introduction to the Dermalogica skin care line. This treatment is perfect for regular maintenance or when time is at a premium. Start living your healthiest skin!



Say hello to smoother skin! Whether you come in for an eyebrow, lip, leg or bikini wax, you are in great hands with our professional spa therapists.



Soothe your tired aching muscles and reduce stress with Your Time Spa’s massage therapy services. We use a variety of techniques tailored to fit your specific needs to increase circulation, relieve muscle tension and pain as well as promote relaxation and flexibility.


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About Your Time Spa Your Time Spa - Medical Spa

Your Time Spa is committed to providing our clientele with exceptional service in medical spa treatments and skin health services by utilizing the latest technology and products on the market. 

Our priority is providing exceptional patient care and at the same time delivering results as our patient desires.  We ensure all equipment is medically sterilized prior to the treatment. Also we educate patients about skin care and post-procedure home care. Ultimately together we will achieve our mutual goal is that enhancing patients relaxation and satisfaction.

Treatments designed to revitalize the mind, body and soul are provided by Advanced Professional Spa Therapists trained at Bryan College and the International Dermal Institute. Our expert therapist Donna Tran.

Spa Treatments

We offer a wide variety of spa treatments

Chemical Peels
7% Lactic Acid, 7% Salicylic Acid and 7% Resorcinol helps slough away dead skin, fights signs of aging, helps with discolouration, and brightens up the overall appearance of the skin, leaving it smooth and even.


Hyperpigmentation $80-$135 Appx. 30-60 Min
Acne $80-$135 Appx. 30-60 Min
Anti-Aging $80-$135 Appx. 30-60 Min
Glow Peel $135.00 Appx. 30-60 Min

We use the highest standards in hygiene and cleanliness, with our disposable implements and one time use tools. We use top quality products to ensure your visit with us is relaxing and enjoyable.


Mani $25 - Pedi $35
Combo $55 Appx. 90-120 Min
Design or Removal $10
Polish Change $15


Mani $35 - Pedi $45
Combo $75 Appx. 90-120 Min
Shellac Removal $15
Art/Design $15

Having a nice relaxing massage not only makes you feel great inside and out, but it has many health benefits. Have your body and mind soothed through therapeutic touch can do so many wonderful things for your well being. It can be healing throughout the entire body. Along with easing muscle tension, a massage will increase your endorphin levels. (These are the hormones in your brain that are released to make you feel happy and relieve anxiety) It will give you better sleep, boost your immune system and will decrease your blood pressure.


Relaxation Massage $75
Hydro-Massage $95
Plus Touch Therapy $15
Eczema $15
Hand Exfoliation $20
Hand & Foot Exflo. $50
Foot Exfoliation $35

IPL Laser Hair Removal
This effective treatment works on removing unwanted body hair, by targeting the hair follicle. The intense pulsed light together with an increased temperature leads to the destruction of the follicle, and the supply that helps it grow.


Underarm $100.00 Appx. 15 Min
Half Arm $175.00 Appx. 15 Min
Full Arm $300.00 Appx. 30 Min
Hand & Feet $75.00 Appx. 15 Min
Upper Lip $65.00 Appx. 15 Min
Chin $80.00 Appx. 15 Min
Side Burn $90.00 Appx. 15 Min
Neck $130.00 Appx. 20 Min
11 Line $40.00 Appx. 15 Min
Upper Leg $275.00 Appx. 45 Min
Lower Leg $200.00 Appx. 30 Min
Buttocks $225.00 Appx. 30 Min
Between The Butt $110.00 Appx. 15 Min
Bikini-Line $130.00 Appx. 15 Min
Brazilian $180.00 App. 30 Min


Shoulder $190.00
Upper Back $180.00
Lower Back $200.00
Full Back $330.00
Upper Chest/Abdomen $180.00
Lower Chest $200.00
Full Chest $330.00


U-Lip & Chin $130.00 Appx. 15 Min
Chin & Neck $180.00 Appx. 15 Min
Underarm & Bikini $200.00 Appx. 15 Min
Lower Leg & Bikini $300.00 Appx. 30 Min
Lower Leg & Bikini, Underarm $375.00 Appx. 45 Min
Full Leg $425.00 Appx. 75 Min
Full Leg & Bikini $475.00 Appx. 75 Min
Full Leg & Bikini & Under Arm $550.00 Appx. 90 Min


Chest, Abdoment $490.00
Back, Shoulder, Underarm $600.00
Back, Chest, Shoulder $740.00
Chest, Abdomen, Back $740.00

IPL Photo Facial
Skin Rejuvenation – This light treatment helps the production of collagen and retightens the elastin fibres in the skin. Also increases hyaluronic acid in the skin, making the skin more supple and younger looking, with an overall more even looking glow.
Pigmentation – This light treatment targets skin pigment changes, such as sun spots, (also called age spots, liver spots) freckles, melasma, (pregnancy mask). Helps to reduce pigmentation in the skin.
Acne – This light treatment destroys acne causing bacteria in the skin, dries out the blemishes and helps reduce redness. It will reduce papules and pustules by 60-65%, Helps to reduce pore size and helps acne scars heal while giving the skin an overall refined texture.
Vascular – This treatment is done exclusively on the face, to help with broken and weakened capillaries caused by Rosacea. The light penetrates in the skin, and destroys the broken capillaries, which get reabsorbed into the skin, leaving little or no evidence of the original spot.


Skin Rejuvenation $200.00
Acne $170.00
Vascular $145.00

Eyelash Extension & Tinting
Our specially trained technicians use a range of Classic to 6D lashes to create a custom look for you, even if you have naturally sparse lashes.


Eyelash Extension Natural “45-60 Lashes” $120.00 Appx. 90 Min
Eyelash Extension Volume “60-80 Lashes” $150.00 Appx. 120 Min
Eyelash Extension Dramatic “80-100 Lashes” $180.00 Appx. 140 Min
3D-8D $300-$500 150-240 Minutes.
Eyelash fill in Appx $1/Minutes
Eyelash Fill In (2-3 weeks) $1/Min
Lash-Removal $30.00 Appx. 30 Min
Eyelash Tinting $25.00 Appx. 15-30 Min
Brow Tiniting $16.00 Appx. 15 Min
Eyelash & Brow Tinting $35.00

Male/Female Full Body Waxing
Skin is prepared with Purifying Blue Lotion, We use Jasmine oil to create a barrier between skin and wax. We use one of 4 specialized waxes determined by the area being treated. After we treat the area with Ultracalming Mist to minimize redness and irritation.


Brow $18
Lip/Chin/Side $12
Brow & Lip $25
Patch $12
Underarm $20
Half Arm $20
Face $50
Full Arm $35


Brow $20
Shoulder $20
Patch $15
Underarm $25
Half Arm $30
Beard Line $25
Complete Ear $25
Ear Patch $10
Nostril $10
Full Arm $45


Abdomen $20
Lower Back $20
Bikini $35
Brazilian $50
Buttock $20
Thong Line $25
Lower Leg $35
Upper Leg $50
Full Leg & Bikini $105
Full Leg & Brazilian $115
Brazilian & Thong Line $70
Lower Leg & Bikini $65
Lower Leg & Brazilian $80
Full Leg $80


Chest $35
Back $40
Menkini $45
Manzilian $75
Buttocks $25
Between the Cheeks $30
Lower Leg $40
Upper Leg $55
Male Ultimate $115
Lower Leg & Menkini $75
Full Leg & Menkini $105
Full Leg $90

Microdermabrasion Light Therapy
Microdermabrasion helps stimulate the body’s natural mechanisms to produce more collagen and elastin proteins, while combating against fine lines and pigmentation.


Microdermabrasion $100 (Appx. 45 Min)
PureLight (Anti-Aging) $30 (Appx. 30 Min)
PureLight G (Pigmentation) $35 (Appx. 30 Min)
PureLight B (Acne) $30 (Appx. 30 Min)
KnifeLilt (Tone, Lift, Penetration) $50 (Appx. 40 Min)
Product Penetration $35 (Appx. 15 Min

Facial Treatment
The main difference between Facials and Skin treatments is clear. A facial is something more luxurious whereas a skin treatment is more customized to your specific skin needs. Our YRT facial treatments give you the best of both worlds. We provide a luxurious experience while giving you a completely personalized skin treatment.


Skin Treatment with Dermalogica Expert $95.00 Appx. 75 Min
MicroZone $30.00 Appx. 20 Min
Contour Masque $20.00 Appx. 20 Min
Luxurious Facial Treatment $95.00 Appx. 75 Min
YRT Facial with Product Penetration $120.00 Appx. 75 Min
YRT Facial Tone, Lift, Penetration $135.00 Appx. 75-90 Min

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