Microdermabrasion Home-Care

(MEDICAL SPA) MICRODERMABRASION: Microdermabrasion is a mechanical method of exfoliation which utilizes clinical corundum crystals and suction to slough off superficial dead skin cells. This method of exfoliation triggers the skin’s repair mechanism enabling the dermis to strengthen the collagen and elastin fibers while thinning out the stratum corneum resulting ..Continue Reading

Waxing Home-Care

(MEDICAL SPA) CONTRAINDICATIONS: Retin-A, Accutane, or Vitamin A derivative topical/oral medication AHA, Glycolic Acid, Alpha Hydroxide Treatments, and Chemical Peels Skin thinning products Systemic disease – cancer/chemotherapy Insulin dependent – diabetes mellitus Herpes Simplex Vascular conditions – varicose veins, phlebitis, dilated capillaries, and telangiectasia Any open wounds, irritation, hypersensitivity, or ..Continue Reading

Eyelash Extensions Home-Care

(MEDICAL SPA) Eyelash Extensions Home-Care CONTRAINDICATIONS: Visible redness along the orbital area Swollen eyes Itchy eyes Crusting eyes Pregnancy Eye irritations Eye infections Eye allergies Blepharitis (chronic inflammation of the eyelid) Glaucoma (a disease in which the optic nerve is damaged and can lead to progressive, irreversible loss of vision) ..Continue Reading

All You Need To Know Regarding IPL Treatments

(MEDICAL SPA) CONTRAINDICATIONS TO IPL TREATMENTS: Autoimmune diseases (HIV, MS, Hepatitis, Lupus, etc.) Dark birth marks Herpes Simplex Pregnancy/Breast Feeding Pacemaker Skin cancer/tumors or any other cancer or cancer drug therapy Epilepsy CAUTIONS WITH IPL TREATMENTS: Blood coagulation problems/anti-coagulant medication Diabetes History of keloid scarring Implants, prostheses, hearing aids Isotretinoin/Tretinoin/Accutane/Retin-A ..Continue Reading