The Power Of Touch

(MEDICAL SPA) In modern days, individuals are bombarded by busy schedules – from going to work, school, meetings, to returning home after an exhausting day in order to prepare for the next. For the majority, life has now become a routine leading to stress, depression, and unhealthy lifestyles; lack of communication playing ..Continue Reading

Discover The Power Of Chemical Peels

(MEDICAL SPA) What is a chemical peel? A chemical peel is an exfoliation of the skin, utilizing acids to remove the corneous layer of the skin, resulting in desquamation. What are the chemical peel categories? There are three different categories of peels: Superfical Peels/Light Peels: These peels are administered by ..Continue Reading

All About Eyelash Extensions

(MEDICAL SPA) Information on Eyelash Extension Eyelash extensions are individual mink lash material which are applied individually to each natural lash with a professional formulated adhesive. Wh0 Can Perform Eyelash Extension Services?  Eyelash extensions should only be performed by a licensed and professional eyelash extension specialist/therapist, as they have the ..Continue Reading