Information on Eyelash Extension

  • Eyelash extensions are individual mink lash material which are applied individually to each natural lash with a professional formulated adhesive.

Wh0 Can Perform Eyelash Extension Services? 

  • Eyelash extensions should only be performed by a licensed and professional eyelash extension specialist/therapist, as they have the proper training required to treat natural lashes without causing any damage to the orbital area and the natural lashes.
  • The lash extensions range in a variety of sizes; you and your technician will opt for the one which best suits your eye resulting in a natural looking lash extension.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe or Can They Damage The Natural Lashes?

  • Eyelash extensions can be safe as long as they are performed by a professional therapist who has been licensed and trained with eyelash extension application. Mink lashes will not damage the natural lash, as the extensions are not being glued to the skin but yes, to the natural lash.

Who Is Not A Good Candidate For Eyelash Extensions?

  • Chronic inflammation or swelling surrounding the orbital area
  • Anyone prone to eye irritations, infections, and redness
  • Thyroid issues affecting the growth of the natural lashes
  • Pregnancy
  • Asthma

What Are Refills and How Often Should I Do Them?

  • In order to optimally maintain eyelash extensions, it is recommended to get refills, therefore filling in any empty spaces resulting in a fuller lash application.

What Things Should I Avoid In Order To Increase The Durability Of My Eyelash Extensions?

  1. Excessively rubbing the eyes or sleeping on the lashes, as this will shift the eyelash extensions.
  2. Utilizing eyelash curlers, as doing so damages the curve of the eyelash extensions.

How To Remove The Eyelash Extensions

  • In order to safely and effectively remove the lash extensions one must visit a professional therapist who is certified in eyelash extensions. Professional therapists have specifically designed products to remove the extensions without damaging the natural lashes. If one attempts to remove the lashes on their own they may cause potential damage to the natural lashes, such as breakage.

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