More Than Meets the Eye

In this ever changing, ever growing world we live in, it’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam that is the beauty industry. We all want the next best thing, and sometimes deals and offers are too tempting to pass up. But, before you commit to enhancing ..Continue Reading

Lash Addicts!

Eyelash Extensions. You’ve heard of them, but are they for you? We are lash addicts and we believe almost everyone can enhance their natural beauty with a set of our luxurious lash extensions. Here’s what you need to know about this trend that has everyone talking! Are eyelash extensions safe? ..Continue Reading

Sunscreen in the Winter

Do I really need to use a sunscreen all year round? The answer is YES! Just because we’ve packed our swimsuits away for another 6 months does not mean you should be packing that sunscreen away too! Although UVB rays may diminish in the winter, harmful UVA rays continue to ..Continue Reading

Exfoliation: It’s more than just a scrub.

What is exfoliation? Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the surface. There are different types of exfoliation processes. One process is ‘mechanical‘ which refers to various scrubs, handheld devices and other tools, whereas another process is ‘chemical’ which happens when a solution (typically a hydroxy acid, a ..Continue Reading

Understanding Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels “The words ‘chemical peel’ might make you run or cringe. It just doesn’t sound like a pleasant thing, but it is not as scary as it sounds. We’ll get into the process of the ‘peeling’ part in a minute. First, let’s look at the benefits of having one ..Continue Reading

Sensitive Skin – Is yours truly sensitive, or is it Sensitized

A lot of people will diagnose themselves with sensitive skin, but in fact, only few of those people are truly sensitive. The main difference between Sensitive skin and Sensitized skin lies within our genetics and the environment. Sensitive Skin. What is it? A person with truly sensitive skin type is ..Continue Reading


We don’t believe waxing is as simple as putting it on and taking it off. We use a specific process for the best waxing experience. First, the skin is prepared with our Purifying Blue Lotion. This is an antibacterial solution with organic cornflower water. This removes any impurities from the ..Continue Reading

Manicure & Pedicure

We have the highest standards in hygiene and cleanliness in our spa. From our disposable implements to our one-time use products, you can be rest assured your soothing mani/pedi will also be clean and safe. We take the time to ensure our clients have the best, most relaxing experience while ..Continue Reading

Eyelash Extensions

Have you dreamt of having thicker, fuller, natural looking lashes? We use “MINK, SILK” ultra fine lashes to create volume, without the feeling of being weighed down or heavy. We can create a full, flirty and fluffy look even if you have naturally sparse lashes. Our extensions range from Classic, ..Continue Reading

Lash Extension Repair/Refill

We use a gentle eyelash removal technique that leaves your natural lashes undamaged. We can take off any inferior lash extensions, soothe your eyes and create a plan to get your lashes looking fantastic again. Our trained technicians regularly work with lashes that have been previously damaged, and we carefully ..Continue Reading