Moisture Tips For The Perfect Lips

So what can you do to keep those lips luscious? 1. If you lick your lips, STOP! Although it can be a difficult habit to break, licking your lips can contribute significantly to dry, cracked skin. The saliva evaporates quickly, taking with it any moisture that was already on your ..Continue Reading

Nighttime Body and Skin

When your head hits the pillow, ideally your blood-pressure gently lowers, allowing you to drift into pleasant sleepiness, deep rest and finally the rapid eye movement cycle. All of these changes the entire body, including the skin, to repair and replenish after a stressful day. In fact, cell regeneration increases by ..Continue Reading

5 Tips for Better Sleep

Below are five tips to provide you with restful sleep for glowing skin.  Develop a routine and go to bed at the same time every night. Our bodies love repetition.  Working out early, at midday or dusk is ideal. Big cardio after dark revs up the metabolism and makes sleep ..Continue Reading

Is Your Skin Affecting Your Life?

(MEDICAL SPA) Do you feel insecure due to your physical appearance? Whether it is acne, rosacea, eczema, pigmentation, or any other skin condition, it all affects our life resulting in low self-esteem. Please note that you are not alone and many of us are fighting the same battle on a ..Continue Reading

Winter and Your Skin Care Regimen

(MEDICAL SPA) As the cold weather approaches it is crucial we modify our skin care regimen. On a daily basis our skin is constantly changing, the weather being one of the several factors in this modification. How Does Cold Weather Affect my Skin? Moisture in the integumentary system tends to ..Continue Reading

SPF, Skincare Treatments and Skin Cancer

(MEDICAL SPA) Did you know sunscreen contains perfume? This causes more harm than good to your skin? Perfume is proven to attract sunlight leading to accelerated formation of pigmentation. Most of society worldwide views the sun as being carcinogenic due to the increased amount of individuals diagnosed with malignant melanoma. ..Continue Reading