What is exfoliation? Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the surface. There are different types of exfoliation processes. One process is ‘mechanical‘ which refers to various scrubs, handheld devices and other tools, whereas another process is ‘chemical’ which happens when a solution (typically a hydroxy acid, a retinol or other enzyme) is applied to the skin and breaks down the dead skin cells and removes them without scrubbing.

How is exfoliation beneficial to me? Every person and every skin type should exfoliate their skin regularly. Yes, even sensitive skin types should! This is an essential step before any skin treatment as well as a part of your regular care regime. You get an instant benefit of the skin feeling smoother and softer, and you’ll see long term results as well. There are many types of exfoliation, and we’ll talk about which one would be the best for you.

Before a skin treatment: Exfoliating the skin before a treatment is crucial to ensuring you’re getting the full benefit of your treatment. Think of it as preparing the skin to accept whatever you’re putting on it and to do so, you need to get rid of any obstructions like dead skin, surface debris, grime and oil. Your treatment can now properly penetrate into the skin without anything slowing it down, giving you maximum results.

In your daily skincare regimen: Dry and dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin create an uneven tone, and the exfoliation process will also stimulate blood circulation, giving the skin an healthy glow. As we get older, the skin renewal process slows down, so when we exfoliate it regularly, we speed up the skin cell turnover, and helps new healthy skin cells develop. There are so many products on the market made to exfoliate the skin. There are a lot of good ones, and many out there that you should avoid. For a daily exfoliant, you’ll want to find something that is gentle enough for everyday use, but also effective.

What do we recommend? AlumierMD makes a mild Lotus Scrub designed to exfoliate all skin types. It has biodegradable spherical beads that help slough away the dead cells, leaving healthy glowing skin. Non-spherical exfoliating agents can be harsh against our delicate skin and cause irritation. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin after exfoliation to help restore your skins natural lipid barrier and protect it from damage with an SPF, even in the winter!