Eyelash Extensions. You’ve heard of them, but are they for you? We are lash addicts and we believe almost everyone can enhance their natural beauty with a set of our luxurious lash extensions. Here’s what you need to know about this trend that has everyone talking!

Are eyelash extensions safe? Yes, as long as the service is performed by a professional therapist who has been licensed and trained with eyelash extension application. We adhere the extension to the natural lash, not the skin.

How do I make my extensions last? There are many things you can do to maintain the long and luxurious look of your lashes between your refills. Your extensions need to be taken care of, the same way you would take care of your skin or hair. You need to cleanse them often to be sure all makeup, oil and dirt are taken off at the end of every night. Use the provided wand to brush them out daily. Some products that have an oil base will loosen the adhesive causing the lashes to fall off instead of growing out the way they’re supposed to. These are things like eyeliners and some makeup removers.

PRO TIP: Instead of eyeliner, try using a black eye shadow with an angled brush to achieve the same look.

You’ll want to also avoid excessive rubbing of the eyes, and if you can help it, avoid sleeping on them. Both of these things could shift the position of the extension and cause breakage. You’ve invested time into enhancing your beautiful eyes, make it last!

You mentioned re-fills… What is that about? We recommend getting your extensions refilled. Every persons lashes grow at a different rate, but generally our clients get refills every 2-3 weeks when the extensions are properly taken care of. The process is similar to the application, where we’ll attach new extensions on the natural lashes to fill in the gaps.

So who isn’t a good candidate for eyelash extensions? We don’t recommend eyelash extensions for clients who experience or are experiencing;

  • Chronic inflammation or swelling surrounding the orbital area
  • Anyone prone to eye irritations, infections and redness
  • Thyroid issues affecting the growth of the natural lashes
  • Asthma
  • Any clients who are pregnant or may become pregnant

Haven’t you dreamt of having thicker, fuller, natural looking lashes? We use Mink or Silk ultra fine lashes to create volume, without the feeling of being weighed down or heavy. We can create a full, flirty and fluffy look even if you have naturally sparse lashes. We have different levels of lashes available to you. We have our classic lash extensions which give a very natural look, and we have the Russian Volume lashes, which ranges anywhere from 2D to 8D. Our specially trained technicians will customize your extensions, and create the perfect look for you based on the look you want to achieve, along with your eye shape and existing lashes.

Come see us or give us a call to discuss your options or to book an appointment!