The main difference between Facials and Skin treatments is clear. A facial is something more luxurious whereas a skin treatment is more customized to your specific skin needs. Our YTS facial treatments give you the best of both worlds. We provide a luxurious experience while giving you a completely personalized skin treatment.
We have 4 treatments available, with 2 of them created and perfected by Your Time Spa.
• YTS Facial with Product Penetration
As one of our perfected procedures, we use a combination of Dermalogica and Alumier MD product, along with *Derma Pod to design your precise treatment. This will allow the skin to be hydrated, increase the skins elasticity and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.
• YTS Facial Tone, Lift and Penetration
This is the other of our perfected services. With this customized procedure, it is similar to our Product Penetration Facial, however we add a more thorough process. We target the epidermis, dermis and muscle tissue to increase both lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, which prepares the skin for the lifting phase. During the lifting phase, we use specialized techniques to re-construct or re-educate the muscle tissue to achieve visible lifting results, restore facial contour and smooth out the neckline.
• Dermalogica Skin Treatment with our Expert
This treatment is 100 percent customized products at every step by the skin therapist based on consultation and a thorough, zone-by-zone Face Mapping Skin analysis
• Contour Masque Add on
This wonderful anti-aging boost can be added to any of our facial treatments. This masque helps increase circulation, while firming the facial contour with algae and it’s cooling properties.