In modern days, individuals are bombarded by busy schedules – from going to work, school, meetings, to returning home after an exhausting day in order to prepare for the next. For the majority, life has now become a routine leading to stress, depression, and unhealthy lifestyles; lack of communication playing one of the several roles in these conditions. Due to overloaded agendas and technology, the worldwide community is slowly losing its one on one connection among individuals. Sure, some may socialize through social media but what happend to physically interacting with one another, such as having a cup of coffee without the use of technology or consoling someone with a comforting hug in times of despair? The human interaction is slowly degrading as when humans connect there is often a barrier of technology between them. The power to overcome this disconnection from society is the simple act of touch. The human touch has been scientifically proven to decrease blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, reduce heart rate and muscle tension.

How to establish a mind-body connection through the power of touch?

  • Arrange time for regular therapeutic massages and touch therapies enabling relaxation while soothing the mind and body.
  • Schedule a foot massage as this offers a variety of healing benefits throughout the entire body while easing muscle tension.

The remedies listed above are linked to reducing anxiety, increasing endorphin levels, enabling better sleep, increasing the number of leukocytes, and decreasing blood pressure.

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