We don’t believe waxing is as simple as putting it on and taking it off. We use a specific process for the best waxing experience. First, the skin is prepared with our Purifying Blue Lotion. This is an antibacterial solution with organic cornflower water. This removes any impurities from the skin and gets it ready for our next step, which is the Jasmine Oil. This creates a barrier between the skin and the wax, helping the process be as non-irritating as possible. Then we apply one of 4 specially formulated waxes with a one time use applicator, determined by the area being treated. After the waxing process, we use the Jasmine Oil again to remove any residue left behind by the wax and finally we treat the area with an UltraCalming Mist. This special formulation calms the skin, minimizes redness and locks in hydration. Our methods ensure your delicate skin is preserved while still becoming smooth and hair free.